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Does Your Company have 10 or more Employees Who Work at least 25 Hours Per Week?

Instantly Increase Your Profits Over-Night with ZERO out of Pocket Costs. All While Providing Life Changing Benefits to Your Employees! 

And Save an Average of $500 Per Year, Per Employee in FICA and up to 40% on Your Workers Comp Expenses! You're Gonna Love This!

PHI is a goverment sanctioned program that gives you the ability to provide greater benefits to your employees at a profit! It's a Unicorn for your business. The only cost is if you say no. 


Elevate Your Company's Health Profile

Imagine offering a suite of premium health benefits to your employees without touching your budget. And get a little kickback for doing it! The PHI program makes this a reality. From telehealth services to fitness sessions, individual and marriage counseling, a life insurance policy and more... Your employees get access to top-tier health services, enhancing their wellbeing and loyalty to your company, while you enjoy a significant FICA tax savings with the potential to significantly lower worker's comp expenses by a staggering 20% to 40%.

Employee Benefits?

Individual Therapy

Couples Counseling

Substance Abuse Counseling

Wellness Coaching

Diet Consultations

Stress Management

Remote Fitness Sessions

24/7 Telemedicine

Group Whole Life Ins

Virtual Veterinary Care

Lower Cost Prescriptions

Diabetes Counseling

A Strategic Move for Forward Thinking Companies.

The PHI program is more than just a health initiative; it's a strategic business decision. By adopting this program, you position your company as a leader in employee wellbeing, offering comprehensive health benefits without the associated costs. This is an innovative way to boost employee morale, reduce turnover, and enhance your company's appeal in the marketplace. 

Reduced healthcare expenses, improved morale, and a healthier more engaged workforce – all these are within reach with PHI, and it will pay you to implement it.

Why partner with us?

Imagine putting around $500 per year per employee back into your company through saved FICA taxes. Visualize offering personalized wellness plans devised by licensed dieticians, comprehensive stress management programs, fitness guidance, personalized risk health assessments, whole life insurance policy for each of your employees and more... All without spending a dime from your pocket!

Enhanced Employee Acquisition and Retention:

In an era where job satisfaction hinges on more than just salaries, the PHI program sets your company apart as an employer of choice. You're not just filling positions, you're attracting top-tier talent who sees value in your commitment to their well-being. This approach doesn't just draw in the best; it keeps them. It fosters a sense of loyalty and community, crucial in an age where employees seek employers who actually care about their health and future. The PHI program is more than a health benefit; it's a powerful tool for building a satisfied, healthy, and dedicated workforce, making your company a magnet for talent and a haven for long-term employee engagement.

Increase Your Bottomline with Zero out of Pocket Costs:

Transform your company's financial landscape with the PHI program, a revolutionary approach to employee health that directly impacts your bottom line. By integrating this comprehensive health initiative, you not only foster a healthier, more productive workforce but also tap into significant fiscal advantages. Imagine saving an average of $500 per employee annually in FICA tax savings, coupled with the potential to reduce workers' compensation costs by 20% to 40%. This innovative program shifts the paradigm from merely managing health costs to actively reducing them, all while enhancing employee well-being. With PHI, you're not just promoting greater health; you're strategically positioning your business for financial efficiency and growth, making it a savvy decision for forward-thinking companies seeking to optimize their resources and profitability.s

What could you do with healthier, happier and more productive employees, and a few extra bucks back in the corporate coffers? 

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the Preventative Health Initiative (PHI) program?

The PHI program is a comprehensive health service package offered to employees at no net cost to the employer or the employees. It includes a range of preventive health services such as a life insurance policy, a personalized health dashboard, access to preventive care initiatives, individualized health coaching, telehealth services, and more. It's designed to enhance employee health and well-being while providing financial benefits to employers.

How does the PHI program benefit employers financially?

Employers benefit from the PHI program through significant FICA tax savings, averaging around $500 per year per employee. Additionally, the program can potentially lower workers' compensation costs by 20% to 40%, contributing to substantial cost savings for the company.

Will implementing the PHI program reduce my employees' take-home pay?

No, implementing the PHI program will not reduce your employees' take-home pay. The program is designed to provide additional benefits without any cost to the employees or a reduction in their current salaries.

What kind of health services are included in the PHI program for employees?

The PHI program offers a wide range of health services including online individual therapy, virtual couples counseling, substance abuse counseling, remote personal wellness coaching, consultations with licensed dietitians, online stress management, remote fitness sessions, 24/7 telemedicine access, group whole life insurance, virtual veterinary care, lower-cost prescriptions, and diabetes counseling.

How does the PHI program improve employee acquisition and retention?

The PHI program enhances employee acquisition and retention by offering a robust suite of health services at no cost, making the company more attractive to potential and current employees. It shows a commitment to employee well-being, which is increasingly valued in the job market. This comprehensive approach to employee health and well-being helps in attracting top talent and reducing turnover, as employees are more likely to stay with an employer that actively promotes and assists in their health and future.

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